The Best Way to Pack for a Move 

Not everyone is fond on the idea of packing, it’s tiring and consumes time and not everyone is excited about the idea of moving either. If we have a choice, we would just want to move to the new place in an instant right? But even though packing, moving and unpacking is a laborious process, it can still be done easily. Amazing right? You can opt to hire Suburban Location Movers to pack the things for you, or pack your belongings yourself! The following are our tips for you to pack early and quickly. 

  1. Get Started and Organized 

First of all, start packing as early as a month before the moving date. This will save you time and energy in the weeks to come where you cram and pack the wrong things. Gather the packing supplies first, the boxes should be of different sizes. Write down everything on a moving file. The moving file includes the things you should do throughout your move. What to pack on the first week, on the second week and so on should be written so you won’t forget them.  

If it’s already several days before you move, pack a suitcase for each member of your family. Include essentials that you need for the first few days because almost all the other things are packed on the boxes. If you also want to save, instead of buying a lot of bubble wraps, use your old clothes for the padding. The big things are wrapped with the clothes and glassware is wrapped with socks.  

  1. Pack Effectively and Efficiently 

Before you pack everything, make a pack station/space on your current home. This is where you can drag and drop stuff and pack all of them. When you’re packing it, make sure to put labels on the boxes on according to what they belongings they are packed with. It’s also important to mark the boxes with numbers so you would know how many boxes you have with you. It will be easy to tell if a box is missing or damaged.  

Do not pack air. Wrap individual items with enough layers of clothes or any wrapping sheet. Place the items in the box in a position where it won’t be easily damaged. Lighter items should be on top and heavier are on the bottom of the box.  

To make things easier, pack the things that are found in a room in the same box. When you unpack later after the move, you would easily put the belongings at a particular room. You don’t have to look items in another box. If you’re hiring movers, this will be easy for them too. If the box is marked with ‘kitchen’, they’re likely to take the box to the kitchen.  

  1. Finish the Job 

After the move, not everyone is willing to unpack and put things in place. It will take days and even weeks to settle everything in the new house. That’s why you should have a box that has all the essentials you need for the first few days, it’s called an “open first” box. Include small yet essential items.  

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